Friday, September 18, 2009

camera on board a handboard.

Killer footage from inside the tube, shot from a lipstick camera mounted on a handboard

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  1. Lovin' this!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Just bought a pod handboard, and having a total blast with it!

  2. Has anyone heard of the have hand boards that you wear on both hands and you hydroplane on them they look bad ass.

  3. The Pod handboards are killer. took me ages to get used to it, it has so much lift!

  4. Hey everyone I got a pair of the Pronesurfing hand boards/paddles and these things are baddass you hydroplane and go so fast in the wave I can keep up with bodyboarders, and catching waves is easier it's like having fins on your hands, like 4 wheel drive insane ! everyone needs a pair it's the next level for bodysurfing

  5. Agree on the pod handboard. But which way around? I tried today with the round end forwards and liked it better. Any other tips/tricks for these things?

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