Tuesday, January 25, 2011

:::Bodysurf Underwater:::

bodysurfing underwater... always looks awesome.. the rush is awesome... this footage aint bad.. look and learn..

The "How To bodysurf like a dolphin" post : Dolphin Action

Bodysurf underwater + Scuba

Body Surf underwater + Fiji

Bodysurf underwater + breach like a dolphin + extras from "A Brokedown Melody"

Thursday, January 20, 2011

::Inspired by Enjoy:::

Are you sure Andre didn't bodysurf?

mini surfboards/ handplanes / works of art/ environmentally responsible sliding devices/ guilt free/ little slivers of epicness / Enjoy Handplanes...

There is a great story behind these handplanes that is worth a little read. You might even find something you like... Spread the word.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A finely crafted wooden handplane spotted cruising sub-surface somewhere on Sunshine Beach...

Nicked From Fotosinnoosa.com All rights are theirs.

See what else you can spot on www.fotosinnoosa.com or sign up for a daily delivery of photos from in and around Noosa...just to remind you where you'd rather be.

Noosa Noosa...The place gives me goosebumps..it is that beautiful, the waves are that good, the talent is that inspiring. Loggers heaven..not bad for bodybashing either..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

:::::One Picture:::

Two mates. Action. Beards. Fins. Hess Handplanes. Womp.

Borrowed (nicked) from the blog of Brett Caller.
photo by Duncan Mcfarlane, and you can see more on his blog which is full of hearty goodness. Great logging shots as well.

Considering the armada of bluebottles attacking the East Coast right now, I reckon you should check out his surreal series on bluebottles...he manages to make the nasty little f#$kers look sort of beautiful...

Monday, January 10, 2011

:::Endless Epicness:::

As good as it gets!

Page after page of perfection...Barrel after barrel in beautiful conditions... if you ever doubted the magic nature of Hawai'i, sunshine, clear warm water, amazing wave setups, this website is for you. So, yeahhh... I have to get to Hawai'i....somehow.

© 2007-2010 Hawaiʻi Island Bodysurfing Association, All Rights Reserved

Go look. Hawai'i Island bodysurfing Association
This site is worth your time.

Thank you so much to the guys who put these photos up for the rest of us to enjoy. It gets me pumped to go out there and get wet.

Friday, January 7, 2011


So my local beach is a crowded place..sometimes you can walk from one end to the other across the surfboards without getting your feet wet... and yet bodysurfers are everywhere, shore dump womping, shooting straight down-head down-arms out...life savers training, and a bucket load of old buggers with handplanes shooting across the face...

Sprout Daily , a daily photo log of the goings-on along the beach delivers a daily snapshot of life on the beach...documenting life in the water on one of Sydneys busiest beaches...and there has been a glaring discrepancy so far! No bodysurfers!

Today is the day...finally, the cellophane people get their showing. Nothing spectacular, but its a start!. Come on Barnaby and Murray! More!

I encourage you to go check out their material. Just Bewdiful.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

:::Nearshore Incursion:::

Under the Sea from Thomas Stockwell on Vimeo.

A gem from Mr Stockwell;---- a bit of underwater takeoff action, a bit of underwater bodysurfing footage, a bit of nearshore underwater scenery...and nice beats.

If you haven't seen his blog...thomas.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Empty Land

Mid North Coast of NSW, Paradise.

This is still empty land. Just you and the dolphins.