Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Brown Fish Handplane Project

In the same vein as the movie "Single Fin: Yellow", Brownfish Handplanes is looking to send one of their vessels around the world with a gopro camera attached.. 22 bodysurfers - 22 short films.. should be good!

The Brown Fish Handplane Project

Jason Hall from Daily Bread has organised a great little project. A keen bodysurfer, Jason is sending a Brown Fish Handplane, fitted with a GoPro Camera, on a round the world bodysurfing journey. Over the next year the handplane will make 22 stops across the globe, and 22 bodysurfers will create 22 short films of the waves they ride.

I've put my hand up to be one of the Australian filmers, as have four other fellas - g'day Peter, Lachlan, Duncan and Mateo!

The handplane will begin it's journey soon and you can keep track of it, and also view the incoming footage, on Daily Bread or here at Swellnet.//STUART NETTLE

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Testing of the rig down at the Wedge.. ... we dig the low emersed perspective..

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