Friday, January 7, 2011


So my local beach is a crowded place..sometimes you can walk from one end to the other across the surfboards without getting your feet wet... and yet bodysurfers are everywhere, shore dump womping, shooting straight down-head down-arms savers training, and a bucket load of old buggers with handplanes shooting across the face...

Sprout Daily , a daily photo log of the goings-on along the beach delivers a daily snapshot of life on the beach...documenting life in the water on one of Sydneys busiest beaches...and there has been a glaring discrepancy so far! No bodysurfers!

Today is the day...finally, the cellophane people get their showing. Nothing spectacular, but its a start!. Come on Barnaby and Murray! More!

I encourage you to go check out their material. Just Bewdiful.

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