Thursday, March 17, 2011

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4. Contestants will be judged on the following: Summary of Judging Criteria:

The bodysurfer that rides the biggest wave, with the most control, for the furthest distance in the most critical part of the wave will receive the highest points. Maneuvers while on the wave will be judged by each judge according to its functionality and the precision with which it is performed. Which is to say a maneuver in and of itself, will not automatically mean a higher score. Judges will also be watching for general sportsmanship. An interference call will be made when it is deemed that a bodysurfer's move directly affects the ride that a controlling bodysurfer has. A controlling bodysurfer is one that is closer to the critical section of the wave or who clearly caught the wave before the bodysurfer that is in the more critical section. His wave score will be halved and it will become a counted wave toward his final score.

Specific Qualities:
a) WAVE RIDING ABILITY - the demonstration of style, energy, flow, good control judgment, timing and response to the wave; good execution of all functional and aesthetic maneuvers; how existing wave conditions are utilized; and the quality of entry and exit from the waves.

b) MANEUVERS - the quality & smoothness of trick maneuvers; all maneuvers performed in the existing conditions; take offs, underwater-takeoffs, climbing, dropping, stalling, cut backs, back slides, bellyspins, spinners, & tube rides count as difficult maneuvers depending on the waves on which they are performed.

c) WAVE SIZE - the quality of wave selection; catching waves that break the highest, break the farthest out, travel the fastest, break the hardest, & wall up the steepest.

d) TRAVEL DISTANCE - the actual distance traveled across the face of the wave from the take off to the pull out or wipe out.

e) GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP AND COURTESY -All competitors will exhibit a professional, sportsmanlike regard for all of the other bodysurfers in the contest. If any competitor exhibits any unsportsmanlike behavior during competiton, their scores will not be tabulated. Additionally, a competitor who exhibits any unsportsmanlike behavior before, during or after competiton may have penalties, fines imposed and depending on severity of violations or actions may not be allowed to participate in future events.

f) INTERFERENCE - Interference will be called primarily for, but not limited to the following two (2) occasions: 1. if during a ride one rider INTENTIONALLY strikes or makes contact with another rider, 2. if one rider clearly establishes the right-of-way andanother rider takes off and drops into the path of the first rider, adversely affecting the ride.

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