Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NEW directions in Higher tech augmented Bodysurfing

The next level of trays..

From across the ditch, over the hill and the ends of the earth comes new technology for high speed adventures. I need reviews, discussions, slow motion video analysis, design tweeks and full investigations of these new vehicles.

See more high speed ingenuity, and an amazing array of scaled surfing equipment including innovative low tech one and two handed hand planes  at SLOP GROVELLER...all rights are theres.


  1. the tray is my ultimate surfcraft, light, cheap and super fun, glad you enjoy my blog, small shorebreak shakas from mike c at slopgroveller

  2. People tell me all the time how they have body surfed with Taco Bell or Jack In The Box trays. I've developed the Surf-Grip ( get rid of the hard bumps and provide some flotation - all at a price point that makes these accessible. Check them out at I'm looking to get some feedback, reviews and images from folks around the world and have a some review samples for folks who are credible in the community. You can reach me at Thank you.