Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fin Geek Alert>>>>

Not that it matters much.. because if you're in it and you're loving it, then who cares right?. But fin geeks will be interested.. and I know there is more than a few fin geeks out there... so here it is. You wanted to know what fins the best of the best of the best use?

well that answers that..!

wait! theres some da-fins as well! ...

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  1. Vipers are fine fins and IF they made a model that accommodated my wide "Fred Flintstone" shaped feet I'd be all over them.

  2. I'm a complete sucker for the da fins now, sold, addicted, myopic... my goat hooves get nailed in most finpockets..the da fins are like finely crafted silk socks..monogrammed just for me..