Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to make a Handplane -Deux

Go make your own.

This little video is from a bunch of creative woodworking frenchies from Hidden Wood out of Anglet on the south west French coast... pumping out alias, handplanes and other sliding devices..

If you are from the US, this video might be blocked...the mangy bastards have blocked it because of the song used in the clip
try this link instead...
orr...this one... Can someone in the US let me know if that worked?

where is Anglet? Have a look...even better, go of the great surf regions.. epic waves, epic food, epic people. and breadbaskets full of bodysurfers... you could even take a non surfing missus and she'll be happy as hell... who'd say no to a trip to the french sea side?


  1. the video is blocked you mean??

  2. the video is blocked by emi who own the rights to the music in the US. bummer...