Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Books on Bodysurfing

For a pastime that occupies the free time of so many people around the world, there is an amazing lack of books and material on the subject.

Let me know if you find further, but below are the only books I have found devoted to the art of bodysurfing so far. Good luck finding anything recent in english!

In French:

Passion bodysurf - Le corps et la vague
Author: Hugo Verlomme and Laurent Masurel (2008)
Publisher: Yago - ISBN : 978-2-916209-17-3

Bodysurf , Aux origines du surf
by Hugo Verlomme and Laurent Masurel (2002)
Publisher: Atlantica - ISBN : 2-84394-492-9

In English:

The Art of Bodysurfing
by Robert Gardner (1972)
Publisher: Chilton Book Co

Finding the book can be a mission, but Robert Gardner sounds like an interesting character.. found his obituary from the LA Times....

The Art of Wave Riding
by Ron Drummond (1931)
Publisher: unknown
Almost impossible to find and if you do, think $4000 USD. From what I can gather 500 copies of this book were published. To be honest, I haven't seen this book and couldn't even tell you to what extent this covers bodysurfing specifically..


  1. I stumbled across this one...ordered a copy:

    1. nice, do you know anyone who's flipped through it?

  2. I happened to have bought this book (signed by the author) back WAY back. I'm thinking of selling it of putting up for auction, but don't know where. I'm only in the States for 3 weeks as I live in Costa Rica now. Any ideas?


    1. Mike...any idea how much you want for it?

  3. I happen to own a copy of the Art of Wave Riding, by Ron Drummond. he was my great, great, great Uncle and this book was passed down to me from my grandparents. As much as I love having family history college can be very expensive, so I am trying to sell this book. If you are interested in buying it or know someone you can contact me via email.

    Paula Drummond

    1. Paula,
      I'd be very interested in buying the book,but not fro $4,000.00.