Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Science of Bodysurfing

"Professor Neville de Mestre is a mathematician from Bond University in Queensland, and has published the first scientific paper on the maths of body surfing. He began catching waves in 1950 and is the reigning national iron man champion for over 60s, and he's a man who sounds as though his attachment to the perfect wave borders on religious."

Ocean Devotion - The science of Bodysurfing
Article by the Age Newspaper,
January 9, 2004


16 December 2007, The radio program, Ockams Razor did an interview with the Professor, which you can download as an mp3, listen to, or read the transcript, right here.


2nd October 2008, The TV show Catalyst from the ABC did a story on the Professor.
check it out here for the video and full transcript...


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