Friday, March 6, 2009

Fin list

My weapons of choice:


A short super stiff fin, easy to walk in, great acceleration, not enough length to keep up the speed though, really comfortable foot pocket with good drainage, sand flies straight out of this.. the fins float though not as much as some. Constructed of natural rubber, so they get deformed if you leave them in a boiling hot car all day, but easily reshaped using the missus hairdryer. If I'm mucking around in shore break, fat pitching dumpy waves, then I take these...perfect.

About 2 inches longer than the podfins. It is another symmetrical fin, with super stiff rails, though the rails on these stop 2-3 inches short of the end of the blades. The extra length really counts and the speed difference is noticable over the podfins. The foot pocket on these can feel a bit strange at first. The base of the pocket is extremely stiff and rigid, and the top is really soft. It takes a bit of getting used to, and I find I have to keep my foot pointed and tight to maximise thrust This is a brilliant fin, with plenty of power to match the waves.

Other favourites:

Greg Deets UDT's. - A mission to find. If you want a pair, email Greg directly.
See what they look like...

Or here>>>

Hydro tech Fins, tech, tech 2 and Originals

The Rest:

Im not a fan of Asymetrical fins myself, however some people swear by them


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